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URGENT!   See list below.....Special homes needed for special needs dogs! Do you have the time, the patience and the love to care for a dog that needs hospice or special care?  Please contact Marie at (908) 451-2475 if you are the person to help this dog or if you have the heart to care for a dog who with special needs. Please no calls after 9PM.  Thanks Small Dog Rescue,INC. .  
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Small Dog Rescue, Inc.
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Snoopy has the fond nickname of "Shrimp" among the help here, I'm not quite sure why they called him that.. He is a 3 year old shih tzu, weighing 10.5 lbs. Something, alas, happened to him as a puppy, we don't know exactly what. There is some sort of neurological problem, and his eyes, though perfectly normal, are unseeing. He came to us from the family who had observed "seizures," and the possibility of a liver shunt was raised, but we ruled that out out. A neurological workup including an MRI was done, but has not explained the so-called "seizures." The "seizures" seem to be merely an excitability phenomenon, occurring when food comes, or when he is being handled and doesn't quite understand why, they are not seizures in the usual sense. Phenobarbital and bromides enough to slow down a rottweiler were given, we think mistakenly, by a foster person in the attempt to eradicate these, but she was concerned he might hurt some puppy she had around him..not exactly wise. We weened him off the phenobarbital, there fortunately had been no liver damage as sometimes occurs, and he is doing well. He could have incurred an injury, been kicked, had distemper (unlikely), we just don't know. He is a special needs dog who needs a loving home that can tolerate his mild exuberant, excited outbursts. 
Shimp is up-to-date on shots, and otherwise in good health.
MOBY came to us from a shelter in north Jersey, to which he had been surrendered by his elderly owner who could no longer care for him. Moby is a 10-yr-old shih tzu mix, probably with a Maltese in his family tree. He is overall generally very friendly and easy going, but shows some food guarding and protests some when being grooms or poked by the vet. Generally though he is a charming fellow who is nice to have around. He is up to date on shots, and we neutered him and gave him a much needed dental. Mobey's special need is that he needs eye drops daily.

FLUFFY SNOODLE is a beautiful all white mix of poodle and schnauzer. HOWEVER she is an URGENT CASE AND NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION. FLUFFY IS 10 YEARS OLD, AND WAS NEVER SPAYED, CONSEQUENTLY SHE IS NOW RIDDLED WITH MAMMARY TUMORS. (If only dog owners would realized that not spaying a female dog is an invitation to a horrible death because of mammary cancer!) Preliminary studies by the vet indicate that the one non-mammary tumor she has is a benign fatty tumor (lipoma), and that her lungs show no evidence of cancer having migrated into her lungs. She needs to get to surgery as soon as possible, to have the entire mammary chain removed, BEFORE that is a change into cancer in one of the currently apparently benign mammary tumors. SO FLUFFY HAS A CHANCE TO SURVIVE IF WE CAN GET HER INTO SURGERY FOR THIS EXTENSIVE EXCISION OF THE TUMOR- RIDDEN MAMMARY CHAIN. IT IS AN EXPENSIVE PROCEDURE HOWEVER, AND WE NEED HELP FOR FLUFFY'S SURGERY. So, if you can help with Fluffy's situation, please send a donation via the Paypal button on this website, or via mail to Small Dog Rescue, 943 Canal Road, Princeton, NJ 08540, marking your contribution as for FLUFFY'S FUND