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Sanctuary dogs that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
Take a moment to read the stories of the gentle souls who found their way to us - never to find their forever home - except at our sanctuary. Some passed unexpectedly, some after battles with severe illnesses and some due to the ailments of old age. Although they never got the chance to leave us for another home they became our family. They were very much loved and we did our best to make their life comfortable and happy . Each was special in their own way and they deserve to be remembered. When they left us, each took a piece of our heart with them and they shall never be forgotten.  

Sanctuary Memorials
Hooper-10/22/11- RIP
Died - 10/22/11 Hooper was a stray found in a park in Brooklyn. He had been neglected and never neutered. He was generally very friendly and trusting once he felt secure. Hooper, as sometimes happens with non-neutered male dogs, had a large soft tissue mass around his behind, a benign tumor of an anal gland, and a herniation of his colon. We sent him for surgery to have the tumor removed but he died unexpectedly a few weeks after. He never got a 2nd chance at a home but at least he got a 2nd chance at life.
King 09/01/11- RIP
Died - Sept 2011 King was a 9-year-old black Chow Chow. He was a bit large for us, but his owner could not keep him and wanted him in a safe place. He came to our sanctuary- a beautiful creature looking for a home. He never found the right person but he did find the right place to live out his life. We miss our big, furry friend.
Angel 10/01/11- RIP
Died October 2011 Angel was aptly named -he was a mild-mannered, sweet, gentle dog, a real angel. He was found as a stray in New York City, very matted, with an ear infection and eye infections. He was about 9 years old and was probably mostly blind from age-related eye changes. We treated the infections but he was dying of kidney failure. We don't know why he became a stray, it's not a happy life, especially for an older guy. We would have loved to have found some loving person to give him a home for his golden years but that was not to be. Angel lost his kidney battle in October 2011. He's a real angel now watching over the all the New York City strays.
Lilly - 09/01/10- RIP
Died Sept 2010 Lily Lily's remission couldn't last forever, and she left us on 9/11/2010. She was a very sweet dog, it's a shame she could not have found a home for her last two years, but those were good years with us. Lily came to us two summers ago, when she did not like the family's young children. When we groomed her we found she was thin to the point of being emaciated - it was lymphoma. She went on chemotherapy, and did extremely well, and was in remission for two years. She was a black standard poodle, truly a beautiful dog. She was happy, active, had a good appetite for her last few years. We loved her and she loved us. It was very hard to say goodbye.
Buster-01/01/2005- RIP
Buster passed to Rainbow Bridge, January 2005. Always in my heart.
Pierrot-02/07/2012- RIP
​Handsome Pierrot with his imploring eyes and impish ways was a familiar
sight as he romped in the yard at Small Dog Rescue. He had his favorites and he was one of ours. We will really miss you dearly little friend.  Pierrot passed away peacefully in his sleep on 2/7/12.

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Mopsy - 3/8/12 - RIP
Mopsy was a cockapoo who died very unexpectedly. His first gooming here gave him the look of a mop, with a stripped down body (arrived very heavily matted) and a shaggy tuft on his head, hence his name. He was very affectionate, but unpredictable, and easily scared when he first got here but he came to look at us as his family and had many buddies he would pal around with. He was very dear to all of us and will be greatly missed
Sebastian - 11/1/13 - RIP
Courtney - 10/15/13 RIP
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Sebastian is now gone to the rainbow bridge where he is at peace and running and playing with all the other little ones who passed before him. His passing leaves another hole in our hearts and he will be sadly missed but not forgotten.....

Courtney never got a second chance at a forever home but she was loved and cared for by all of the people at Woofmanor.  We will miss you little Courtney
Buddy Puggles - 2/17/14 RIP
Buddy Puggle spent his last few years at Woofmanor. He really enjoyed being outside as much as possible and loved boiled chicken.
Now he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, there is a special someone waiting for him. He is healthy again now and able to run far and wide and never get tired.
We all will remember Buddy always as a big, friendly boy. 

Christmas Cookie - 4/14/14 RIP

​The Dog Star is shining brighter than ever before. Our beloved Christmas Cookie passed away on 4/14/14. CC was one of the most beautiful dogs in the whole world. Hundreds of people wanted to adopt her and take her home but she was as discriminating as she was beautiful and CC chose to stay at Woofmanor. She was loyal to the people who had saved her. Her family was the Sanctuary people – Doc and CC’s staff and CC’s volunteers. CC allowed some to pet her, some to groom her and some to feed her treats and chicken. All of Woofmanor’s people respected CC and loved her.
Recently, CC allowed one of her favorites to take her to her home. CC may have known her time was near and she wanted to have her friend close by. Her friend was there, in Christmas Cookie’s last moments to hold her tenderly and speak to her softly, as CC crossed the bridge and Sirius became so much brighter in the sky. Rest easy our beautiful, little girl. We will always remember and love you. 

Hercules - 9/29/14 RIP

Handsome, little Hercules passed away at Woofmanor due to an enlarged heart.

The little fellow was abandoned by his owners and lived at Woofmanor. He was always a happy, little Chi and had beautiful, long hair. Unfortunately, he never found a forever home. Those who work and volunteer at Woofmanor are very saddened that Hercules never got the chance to be in his own home again and have someone to hold him and love him. But we loved him and held him and gave him special treats and we mourn our little buddy. Enjoy running around heaven, little fellow!