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Commercial Breeders
Recently we’ve been trying to rehabilitate the puppies’ Moms and Dads, refugees from the large commercial breeders in the nearby states. Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania, a great fan of dogdom, has initiated a major effort to improve the facilities in his state that provide those cute puppies you see in the pet store windows. He instituted many much needed humane requirements, such as a minimum temperature level of 50’’ on cold nights, sanitary conditions, adequate food and water, and veterinary care. Many of the large commercial breeders have been for one reason or another unable to comply, and many dogs, the Moms and Dads of those cute puppies for sale, are now looking for homes. They require a lot of rehabilitation, they don’t even know how to be dogs, to wag their tails, or play with the toys, much less feel comfort of the human’s touch. Their medical condition is sometimes very poor, with bad teeth and sore feet swollen from the wire cages. We’ve have taken in about a hundred of these poor souls, and continue to do so, but the expense has been severe strain on us. We need you financial help to continue this work.
Good Bye to Momma

Our water frozen again last night.
My sister’s ear’s now have frost bite.
We huddled up to Momma to try to stay warm
As she shivered beside us in the cold winter storm.
She cried and cried to tell of our pain.
But all of cries went unanswered in vain.
It’s morning now-will there be any food?
We’ll pick through the spoiled and look for some good.
We heard them say the truck is coming today.
Momma so sad cause they’ll take us away.
Don’t they understand that we are too young to go?
Little pups like us need Momma so.
Here they come. Off we go-no time for goodbye.
How many will make it? How many will die?
The cage is empty now. Momma all alone.
In the tiny wire prison that is her home.
She cries and wonders if it is God’s will.
To spend her whole life in a puppy mill?
She prays for someone to take her away
To a home with a yard and children to play.
And a family to love her, who really will care
And accept all the love she’s so desperate to share.
She once was a tiny pup like me
Who didn’t deserve this?. Why can’t they see?
I’d do what any good son would
And take her place if only I could.
To see her free would be so nice
After all she’s had to sacrifice.
But I can do nothing, no matter how hard I try.
So I just say, “Love you, Momma, Goodbye.”

                                        By: Sandie Levine

  By: Sandie Levine

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