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Small Dog Rescue, Inc.
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Small Dog Rescue were the guests of Princeton University's "Spring Fling", sponsored by The Princeton Animal Welfare Society on May 11, 2012. Melvin and Prince were the guests of honor and loved all the attention. UPDATE: Our two ‘Princeton Pooches’ have forever homes! Prince Mishkin the Poodle was adopted first and just a few weeks ago our adorable Melvyn found his new family.
Melvyn is a purebred Pumi – a rare herding breed from Hungary. He was left in the lobby of a NYC dog shelter. Luckily he came to Small Dog Rescue where he was given a chance at a new life. He quickly became a favorite at the Small Dog Rescue farm because of his sweet face, happy demeanor and charming personality. Of course being blind is considered special needs but not sure if Melvyn ever thought that or the wonderful people who adopted him did either! 
Now he has a home with two other dogs and a kitty. He goes for walks with his new mom and practices supervised swimming in the dog pool. Melvyn is a great dog and has a home where he will be cherished.
All dogs deserve a loving home. Do you want a friend to share your life? Can we help you find the perfect pooch? Adoption saves lives and gives second chances. Let us help you find your forever friend. 

                                                                                                             March 14, 2013
To Our Friends
Rest assured there is no truth to a rumor that we closing anytime soon.

We are planning to wind down gradually over the next year or so, while we find safe, loving, happy homes for the dogs with us now. We will continue to accept any dogs we have adopted out but who did not work out. We will search for new forever homes for them as for all our other, current dogs. But there is no urgency.

Over the past several years we have rescued many dogs who otherwise might not have survived. Now it is time for others to take over. 

Thank you for your concern and support. And please stop by our Adoption Days, held from 1:30 to 4 p.m. on Saturdays at Pet Valu in Hillsborough.

Emmett Wilson