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Happy Tails
"Happy Tails" are pictures and stories of dogs that have been adopted or fostered from the Small Dog Rescue.  These dogs have found new better lives with their new owners and their owners would like to share ther "happy tails" with you.  If you would like your "happy tail" story posted on our website site simply send a e-mail with a picture of your dog along with your "happy tail" attached to  Please put "Happy Tail" in the subject line.  There are many "Happy Tails" out there so please be patient and I will send you a comfirmation e-mail once your picture and story have been posted. 
Angel - Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Rat Terrier doesn’t describe our Angel. What a pretty little dog! Dancing on her hind legs for a bit of boiled chicken!
Angel had been passed from house to house to house – three different homes in less than 3 years. No one had time for her. For being passed around so much, you would think Angel would not be a happy girl but you would be wrong! Angel found her own forever family – 3 children and a mom and a now a little Rat Terrier to make it complete! 
Dancer - Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Dancer is an all-black Pomeranian who came from a puppy mill – living in a wire rabbit care for all his 4 years. Still Dancer was a happy little fellow just waiting to for someone to love him! He found her! A young girl wanted a dog as her Bat Mitzvah present. She came with her Mom & Dad to SDR to look for her friend and there was Dancer! What a lucky dog to have such a lovely girl to love.
Big Momma Smokey- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Another rescued Pit Bull at Small Dog Rescue? Yes, because Big Momma Smokey deserved a shot at a good life! She was dumped in a pound after being a breeder for her whole life. Along came a man who had lost his dog and he found Big Momma. She comes to visit every now and then and she is looking good!
Mame- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
DouA very sweet couple wanted to adopt a dog from SDR. They saw a dog and went home to think about it and when they came back the little dog had found another home. Luckily one of the SDR volunteers remembered them and fixed them up with Mame! It was a match made in heaven for both the sweet couple and the lonely, pretty, sweet Cocker Spaniel.ble click here to add text.
Gloria- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Gloria came from a commercial breeder and is a Bichon Frise. She was a good girl but a bit shy since the only humans she had know saw her as property and not a puppy! A lovely couple, who had room in their hearts and their home adopted Gloria. They saw her potential and fell in love with her face. We told them they would bless the day they found her…a few months later they came back to tell us that we were so right – that Gloria was truly a blessing!
Lady- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Hi – got time to send a few more – is this OK w/you? Let me know.
  We rescued Lady from a sad situation, she was housed in a trailer without running water, heat, or ventilation, and allowed outside only a little while each day to see the sunlight, in a tiny dog run. Still Lady kept her sweet disposition, and loved people. She did find a home with a wonderful couple who honored their dog who had passed away with rescuing a dear girl who needed their love..
Trixie- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Trixie - not really a small dog – was rescued and brought to SDR from an abusive situation. When she arrived she was very think and had cuts and bruises. After spending some time with all the small dogs, she found a home with a retired Police Officer who recognized her breed and fell in love with her face. Sometimes the bigger dogs have to hang out with the little ones until the right person comes along.
Momma- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Momma came from a commercial breeder. She came to our rescue with one puppy which was quickly adopted. After many weeks at the rescue, Momma found her forever home. The people who adopted her had to train her to walk on a leash, housebreak her and teach her to know that some people are kind and loving and want a dog as a friend and pet – not a ‘breeding money-maker.’ 
What a lucky girl to have found her forever family.
Elliott- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
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Elliott was brought from a commercial breeder and stole our hearts. He found a home with 2 lovely teens and their parents. Also went home with another puppy mill dog that day – a small Doxie called Ella. The family had lost their dog after many years and found it in their hearts to take two rescues into their home. Two dogs found a family that adoption day.
Nyla- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Nyla was rescued from a kill shelter. SDR was there to rescue a small dog but Nyla was scheduled to be euthanized so the old girl was rescued as well. She was a big, gentle girl who was dumped at the shelter after she was used as a breeder for many years. Our beautiful girl was treated for many ignored health problems and then found a real home, with people who love her and take care of her. A wonderful, gentle older girl who got a second chance at a good life with good people.
Blizzard was a 9 year old American Eskimo when she went to her new family. She had been at SDR for over 4 years and she still remembered to go to the door so she could be let outside to go potty!
Whitey & Sheep- Posted 10/06/11 by Leeanne
We adopted Whitey and his daughter Sheep on March 1, 2009 from Small Dog Rescue. Whitey, Coco and their daughter Sheep were brought there several years ago when their original family could not care for them any longer. They were called "The Trio" as they cuddled together and slept on a little childs chair as a family at the rescue and were loved dearly there. They were listed as "special needs" dogs where the special need was to adopt them out together as a family. During their time at rescue, Coco died. We arrived on March 1, 2009 and were lucky enough to take Whitey and Sheep home. Whitey was blind, deaf and riddled with arthritis but despite these conditions he proceeded to learn the layout of the house and began to know our touch. You would see him traveling back and forth through the downstairs and when he would wear himself out, many times find him sound asleep in his bed. Our little Whitey thrived for 7 whole months until unfortunately his heart failed him. He died on October 18, 2009 just shy of his 18th birthday knowing he was loved and part of our family. Sheep was such a happy girl! She had a special affection for my husband and was his number one girl. When he would walk into the room her little tag would wag so fast and furiously, we thought it just might fall off some times. We loved her so much and will miss her dearly as we have now lost Sheep also after a two and 1/2 year battle with kidney disease in the early hours of Sept 9, 2011.
We adopted Mr. Hobbs when he was estimated to be more than 15 years old. For such a small, old man he would bop around and even did the poodle dance up on his hind legs when he wanted treats. He was such a comical little guy who used to sneeze quite often only when he did, the sneezes were usually so powerful that he used to almost knock himself over as he was all of 5 pounds. He was a very happy little fella and so full of life despite being so frail as he was deaf and nearly blind. His little tongue used to stick out alot of the time as well as he had no teeth to hold it in. He loved to go for a walk with the gang - this of course, meant carrying Hobbs while the gang (3 more poodles) walked along side us. He would look around and sniff the air and by the time we got back he would always be fast asleep! Although only with us for 5 short months (as he died of cancer), he was a very important part of our lives. We have a special affection for the senior dogs that we have taken in finding it heartbreaking that these older dogs are abandoned in their golden years when they should be pampered and snuggled with. We miss our little Hobbs dearly but remind ourselves that he died knowing that he was part of our family who loved him very, very much as if he had been with us his whole life and will never ever be forgotten.......... (thanks so much to Small Dog Rescue who provides these older dogs the sanctuary or opportunity to find a forever home before they pass on where each knows they were loved....)
Mr.Hobbs- Posted 10/15/11 by Leeanne
 We adopted Diamond who was a commercial breeder dog her whole life (5 years). We had to teach her all the basics as her life involved huddling in a small rabbit hutch outside with several other breeding dogs. She did not know the touch of a loving human being - all she knew was being picked up by her back leg to see if she was ready to produce more puppies. She was completely shut down emotionally and just "froze" if you tried to touch her or pick her up. It has been over a year now and Diamond is well on her way to becoming a "real dog" - one who looks forward to long walks, someone offering tasty treats which she will eagerly now take from your hand to get and snuggling in with us on our big bed when its time to go to sleep at night. When you get to see the heavy veil of despair that drains the life out of these dogs gets lifted and you see the life starting to shine in their eyes, it is one of the most amazing rewards you can possibly experience. Thanks again Small Dog Rescue for taking the ride on Christmas Eve (as you mention in your Donations tab) to the commercial breeder that called and said - "if you want to save this dog, you better come now or I will shoot it." Yes, our little Diamond was scheduled to be shot the night you saved her....
Diamond- Posted 10/15/11 by Leeanne
Isabella- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
 Miss Isabella - 14 years old from SDR and with her new family since she was given up at the age of 9.
When not lounging on her favorite chair, she enjoys barking out the front window, wrestling with the big dogs and her full 'two squares a day'. We love her.

Blizzard- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Annie was a beautiful senior - loved walks, chewing on bones and belly rubs. She was 9-1/2 when she went to live on her new family farm with 3 other dogs and 2 Pot-Bellied Pigs.
Annie- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Jack- Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Jack the JRT was a tough guy until he found the love of his life - a family with 3 other Jack Russells! Now he enjoys riding in SUV and playing in the snow.
Jackie O - Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Nutmeg - Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Ozzie- Posted 11/02/11 by Kelly
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We adopted a 5-year-old cairn terrier from Small Animal Rescue back in 2009. Sadly, we had to put him to sleep in February, 2011 because he had cancer. But, we had two wonderful years with him! This is hard to write because I miss him so much, but I AM grateful for having adopted Ozzie and enjoyed him for the short time we had him. We were told at the beginning that someone must be with him 24/7 because he was unable to be left alone because of anxiety issues. We decided to give it a shot because we had three terriers at home already. Well, Ozzie was no problem at all from day one and seemed to enjoy his doggie pals very much. Ozzie had boundless amounts of energy and loved to go outside and bark at anything in sight. We will always treasure our time with him and hope to some day see him again!
Kelly, Stan, Chris and Kim Kosinski 

Brielle- Posted 11/02/11 by Kelly
From Rags to Riches… 
We adopted Brielle (named Beryl by SDR) on January 23, 2010. When we walked past her in the cage at Pet Valu, she was the only dog lying towards the back of the crate, very scared and intimidated, hoping no one would approach her. She didn’t even bark or jump on the crate door like most of the other dogs. As soon as I tried to make eye contact w/ her she would look away. I asked if we could take her out and see her. We made an instant connection! So sweet, yet so very scared. I knew then she was meant for our family, that we would take very good care of her and allow her to begin her life of being a dog she so well-deserved. We brought our dog, Lexie, with us to meet Brielle and they sniffed each other. I could tell they were going to make wonderful sisters. Previously, Lexie met a couple other dogs but didn’t bond…one actually snapped at her. We filled out the application and were approved. We picked up Brielle the next week. When we first brought her home, she didn’t even know what grass was nor a paved driveway and how to walk on either. She had no idea how to climb stairs, jump on the couch, etc.  
Once we brought Brielle home, we began teaching her how to walk on grass, and more importantly, how to trust people. We worked with her every day, teaching her the basics, rehabilitating and socializing her. Brielle would mostly follow Lexie around the house learning from her. In a short amount of time it was amazing to see the progress she made. It is incredibly rewarding to see her doing new things like running up and down stairs or playing. We are so proud of how quickly Brielle adapted! She couldn’t be a better fit for our family and we are so blessed everyday to share our lives with her. Family and friends comment constantly on how much she has improved and how impressed they are at her progress. We are thankful for the wonderful volunteers at the Small Dog Rescue for rescuing Brielle and giving her a second chance at life which she so deserves with a family that loves her so much!!  
Despite the fear, your new home is here! Brielle, we love you so dear!!!!!!!

Kelly, Dave and Lexie Knower

Jake - Posted 11/28/11 by Barry 
My name is Jake and I have a very happy tail. My Mom & Dad came to New Jersey from Rome, NY to see me and see if they wanted to adopt me. They fell in love with me at first sight and I was brought to my new home on December 23, 2007. I am not sure if they rescued me or I rescued them, maybe it's both ways. All I can say is we are all very happy and I live in a warm comfortable home with a large fenced in yard. I also have a cottage on the lake and we spend all summer there. I pretty much get my own way and I am the King of the house. My Mom & Dad take me everywhere they go and usually take me for a ride everyday. My Christmas wish is that all of my friends at the shelter could find wonderful homes like mine.
Love to all,
King Jake
 HIggins- Posted 11/28/11 by Susan
The story of Higgins;
After losing my 16 year old adopted dog, I began my search for a new “child in a fur coat”. I found Higgins on His background as I was told was that he was found on the streets in Baltimore and was going to be put down, but through the generosity of volunteers and animal lovers, he made it to the Princeton Small Dog Rescue.. There, he was adopted out but was returned for an unpleasant bite and then spent several months living on the farm. When I followed up with the shelter to see if he was available for adoption, the report was “Higgins needs to choose you!” So I started visiting him on weekends. At first he was wary of me, but gradually came around. Thanksgiving 2011 was our 2nd anniversary together and while still not giving his heart to strangers and I am not sure where all the fur came from (!), Higgins has made my life richer indeed.
Coach- Posted 11/28/11 by Rohini
We were looking to adopt a small dog and as it turns out Coach adopted us before we adopted him. Peter noticed him when Coach started climbing up his leg. From that time on, Peter knew he was going to take Coach home. He came home with us 2 weeks later and he is doing extremely well. He's a terrier mix, but he looks like a fox. He's one happy little guy. He's brought so much joy into our lives, and the quality of our lives has improved considerably. He's friendly with everyone and makes friends while going on his daily walks - he even gets invited for play-dates. Everyone who sees him stops to ask what breed he is because they all think he's so cute, and they're all pleasantly surprised to see how well-behaved and friendly he is. He's giving Small Dog Rescue a good name. He's bonded so well with us, and he's one pampered little fellow who has already built up quite a wardrobe (sweater for the winter, rain slicker, a red bowtie for Thanksgiving dinner, and he's already prepared for Christmas with a Santa hat, and a great collar)!
We found out that when he gets stressed or anxious, he likes to be carried like a baby. He loves sleeping under the comforter where it’s warm and cozy, and he snores too! He’s so confident, in spite of his size, that he wants to chase after deer – not just a lone deer, but a group of them! His favorite spot at home is by the window or the patio door, where he can watch squirrels and chipmunks, and then scare them away with his barking. He’s one smart dog though. He stops at intersections before crossing the road, and sometimes he does it even before we ask him to stop! Of course, most times it’s because there is a lamp post and he wants to mark it :-)  
We found that he doesn’t enjoy playing with toys but he loves the kong when we stuff treats in it. He loves long walks and jogs… well, we jog, he gallops! He has the energy of a puppy, so it has probably worked out well that we got him at 9 yrs and not when he was little. We might not have been able to keep up with baby Coach. He’s become such an innate part of our lives. Thank you, Small Dog Rescue, for saving Coach for us!
Scruffy- Posted 12/06/11 by Carly
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Dear Small Dog Rescue,
About seven months ago, we adopted Scruffy, a four year old terrier mix. It was one of the best decisions of our lives! Scruffy had been dumped at a kill shelter because his family "didn't have time to take care of him". There, he was labeled as "food aggressive" and quickly scheduled to be euthanized. Luckily, somebody saw him for the sweet dog he is, and got him to you, and you got him to us. I don't know who tested him, but we have never seen any signs of food aggression. If anything, he is abnormally food submissive - he immediately backs away from his food dish if you even walk by while he is eating. He's a shy little guy when in unfamiliar surroundings without his family, and wouldn't show his sweet, bubbly personality very well in pound. Now, he is happily adjusted to us. He uses his terrier energy to keep our eight year old labradoodle Blacky (aren't we original) young - they play ALL the time. When he isn't playing tag with his big sister, he's playing fetch with me, or taking long walks with the whole family. He has boundless energy, and loves the outdoors, whatever the weather. Although he's rambunctious, at the end of the day, he likes to curl up on my bed with me. When we first brought him home, he was hesitant to trust us, and was nervous about being petted. However,now he loves getting belly rubs and will come up to us and nudge our hands until we scratch his ears. He is also incredibly intelligent and trainable. He learned all the basic commands in a day and half, despite showing no signs of ever having been trained before (his former owners admitted to leaving him locked in a garage all day long). As long as we spice of the routine and keep things interesting, he's eager to learn and enjoys training sessions. Scruffy is incredibly devoted to us, and if anyone in the family is sick, he stays with that person all day.  My mother had surgery about two months after we got him, and he stayed with her virtually 24/7 for the most difficult weeks of her recovery. On a lighter note, whenever we come home, he has the endearing habit of presenting the family with a "gift" - whatever he can find. Sometimes he brings one of his toys, sometimes one of ours shoes or a sock. He never damages the object, but rather proudly presents it as part of his greeting ritual. We find this so endearing, we've never had the heart to try to train it out of him. Scruffy is a pleasure to have, and I can't convey all the happiness and laughter he has brought into our house, or what a wonderful bouncy, playful, sweet, loving, loyal personality he has.We adore him, and are trying to make up for all the love he missed out on in his first years. Thank you for bringing him into our lives. 
Jane - Posted 1/26/12 by Ann
Jane was from a kill shelter in NYC. She has mammory cancer but had tumors and one large one outside. Eleven of her tumors and mammory chain were removed along with her uterus which was full of cysts. Jane also had a dental removing 22 of her teeth. She was 7 lbs when I took her home and now she is almost 12lbs, healthy and a big bark!. She is very happy, has a new best friend (my tenants dog Bailey) and is now in her forever home with me. My lil …Princess Jane
Clovis - Posted 2/10/12 by Eliza
Clovis was called Bam-Bam when we adopted him, and I know you recommended against changing the name, and we held out for nearly six weeks. But somehow I believe it was absolutely the right thing to do; ig was as if it was al promise to him that his old life was over and he was now our "forever" dog. 

He came to us from Small Dog Rescue in 2006 when he was only two years old, and I still find it hard to believe how every year he has gotten more settled and secure. When he first came, he was easily frightened and would snap at people who tried to pat him. Now, he's the pet dog of all the preschoolers on the street. They all want to come and visit Clovis and he is utterly and totally reliable and loving with every small child he meets, even if it's for the first time. What a difference!

When he first came, he didn't know about taking walks on a leash and he didn't know how to play. It was as if nobody had ever given him a toy. It took at least six weeks to persuade him to toss a nylabone around a little, and he completely couldn't work out what he was supposed to do with a ball. Now, when he wants attention, he grabs his ball and throws it under the sofa, then squeaks piteously until some human lies down and fishes it out. He's discovered it's a surefire way of getting people to stop watching TV or reading or doing odd and boring things involving a computer.

This summer we discovered a summer house rental website that listed pet-friendly landlords, and we took him with us for a week's vacation in the Catskills. He loved it! Apparently those sharp little toenails of his are just perfect for rock climbing. No trail was too steep or too rocky for him. In fact, he did way better than his 50-something "mommy." We brought along a collapsible water dish that hung from the side of a backpack, and as long as he got a little water every half hour or so, he could keep going forever. We never managed to tire him out.

I was completely unable to decide which picture(s) to send you because I'm so proud of my intrepid twenty-pound fluffy white hiking dog. I don't expect you to post them all, so you'll just have to choose which ones are the cutest. 

I'm lying in bed typing on my laptop, and Clovis is lying on my feet keeping them warm. He just soaks up love and attention from everybody, but I am incredibly honored that I am still #1 in his life. I think sometimes he still can't quite believe that he got to come home with us, and it awes and humbles me how grateful he is.
Nicky - Posted 3/16/12 by Leeanne
At the age of 13 Nicky came to Small Dog Rescue from a NYC shelter where he was turned in when an elderly person could no longer care for him. I met Nicky when I came to SDR to help groom the dogs and Nicky quickly became my little buddy. When I would leave he would follow me to the gate and let me know that he would really like to come home with me so not too long after, I took him home.......Nicky is quite the character and drama "king"! He loves to be cuddled and really likes his camo hoodie that he is wearing in this photo! He has been a real comfort to us all also since recently losing two of  our older dogs, one right before and one right after Nicky arrived. He is a real love bug!     
"Woof Manor"
Small Dog Rescue, Inc.
943 Canal Road
Princeton N.J. 08540
Nutmeg was property of a commercial breeder and now is a princess. She was adopted by a caring, gentle family that took the time to love and the patience to help her be a treasured pet! She had 3 hard years at the puppy mill living in a wire rabbit cage but now is in a warm, happy home.

Brenda Sue & Sparkie  - Posted 10/01/11 by Josephine
Brenda Sue & Sparkie – Bichon Frises rescued from a commercial breeder – they lived in a wire rabbit cage for 4 years and were used as breeder moms. Both girls had never known a gentle pet or a soft kind word from a person who loves them.  
But luckily a wonderful young couple saw the two together and opened their hearts and home so these two bonded dogs could live in a loving environment for the rest of their lives. Sometimes the kindest people wander into adoption day and decide right then and there to take two dogs home with them. What a wonderful day that is for those special dogs!

We adopted Romeo on September 3, 2011. It has been almost a ½ year and we don’t remember what life was like without him. He brings so much joy to our family. He loves to play with his toys and play fetch with his ball. He is amazingly smart. He is a great guard dog. We made a great choice in adopting from Small Dog Rescue. 
Romeo - Posted 3/17/12 by Maria Brotherton

Danny - Posted 5/11/12 by Sarah Sickels
Danny by Sarah k here to add text.
 Danny Boy was found abandoned in an apartment in NYC after his owner moved out. He eventually came to Small Dog Rescue, where I met him in February after nearly a month of trying to adopt a dog. I fell in love with him almost immediately, and I was so thrilled to bring him home after the adoption was approved. Since that day he has been at my side constantly when I am home. He loves going on walks on my small horse farm and is getting very good at playing fetch with his toy goose. He's also a wonderful lap dog and is completely content to sit with me while I study or read in the evening. I am moving to Ohio to attend veterinary school in the fall and I simply could not ask for a better companion to have with me while I am there!

General Patton - Posted 6/28/12 by Bob Richardson
We adopted General Patton from SDR in May when we saw him @ Pet Valu. Despite the warnings of his behavior at the shelter we fell in love with him. He has been easy to train and he is learning how to adjust to his new home and family. He amazes me daily, he is so smart and becoming more and more trusting at every turn. We are looking at a great future together !

Kirtland - Posted 8/11/12 by Nancy Gover
Kirtland, our adventure dog. We brought him home from Small Dog Rescue April 24, 2010. His name was Benny Kaleo before that.

Now he is Kirtland, a VERY important member of the family
My husband and I met Jackie as we stopped at the shopping center passing through the Pet Valu. We just had to stop and look at the puppies, especially the one in the carrier near the curb where I stepped up. Inside this carrier was a girl that went wild barking and jumping, causing this carrier to slightly vibrate. She clearly was trying to tell me that she was supposed to come home with us. My husband wasn't as intent as I was in regards to adopting a puppy; but, he went with it. We got her home and she quickly became my husband's girl. She's buds with the cats and my other dog, Ewok. In fact, they have turned into each other's security blankets. One will not go outside without the other one. The two run around the yard together as they explore anything that could be adventurous. They love running up and down Sourland Mountain on the weekends. 

The one thing that was a surprise to us was how she would always steal the couch throws and any piece of laundry that might be laying around in so that she can snuggle under it. The first night, we thought the blankets inadvertently fell upon her. No. She pulled them down, herself. 

Whenever we have guests over to the house or we end up taking them to somebody else's home, she is the life of the party. Everybody loves her as she is just so excited to be around everybody else. 

She is truly an angel.

.Jackie O - Posted 8/16/12 by Julia Byers-Novellano
Ziggy - Posted 12/26/12 by Inder & Neera
We just wanted to pass on our story about our wonderful adoption experience. He came to us as SEVEN.  He is a happy, very loving dog and has brought so much joy into our lives. Our 30 acre farm is his Kingdom and he goes around very often to check on his subjects (Deers, Hawks, Possums, rabbits etc.). We expect him to have a very happy long life with us.

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Echo - Posted 1/20/13 
Echo was adopted from Small Dog Rescue in 2000 by a loving couple who memorialized their  love and devotion to this special soul in a beautiflly written piece entitled Three Uneaten Ears of Corn.......
We adopted Nana and Ginger George at the end of November. They are adjusting great and we had a very Merry Christmas! They have filled out our family nicely.
Nana and Ginger - Posted 1/22/13 by Melissa Hixson
Nessie, a bulldog/boxer mix, came to our family by way of Small Dog Rescue in February of 2002. She had come via a shelter in Jackson when she was still a puppy. At around six months old, she had outgrown her colleagues and was a ball of muscle and energy who reeked havoc on the other dogs earning her the the distinction of the little monster (Nessie). I had started my first job out of college and was living at home; I wanted a dog for my birthday, but instead I found a great friend. However, I did not expect how Nessie would be embraced by my entire then-dog-reluctant family. From my mother crying when she had to drop off Nessie for boarding while we went oversees for a vacation, to my sister insisting on Nessie being included in her wedding video and pictures, to my dad who took Nessie with him every day when he retired down the shore as my parents were between houses to paint the new house and then to the beach for their walk, to my youngest sister whose favorite part of the day was seeing Nessie after a day at school/work. Many happy memories; however over time the bundle of energy slowed, the black spot around her eye grayed and unfortunately Nessie left us last Thursday after a decline of health issues that started the day after Hurricane Sandy. There many tears, but our heartache will turn to smiles as we remember those memories and how great a dog Nessie was to our family and friends. Thank you to Small Dog Rescue for giving me a gentle soul of a dog who I will miss terribly and remember fondly for a long time to come.

Nessie - Posted 4/3/13 by Thomas Lynch
Milo Mando - Posted 8/29/13 by Suzy Machia
On April 6th 2012 I officially adopted dog number 2196 once known as Biggie Smalls. His full name now is Milo Mando cricket chirp and he is around 10 years old.  He is still going strong and has come.such a long way since i bought him home. He was a breeze to housbreak and has learned so many things.He gets along great with his older sister Macksie Mini Foxtrot,a chihuahua mix who will be 12 this September.They both enjoy long walks everyday as well as running loose at the ball field near our home.He is the light of my life,my angel,my little cherub.and I am so lucky to have found him.We sleep together,cuddle on the couch and he gives me so much love!

I do not have a picture attached but just letting you know that 8 years ago we adopted Tundra (an American Eskimo mix)she is still doing really well and we are so happy we adopted her. 
Tundra - Posted 10/17/13 by Joseph Cowan

Oreo - Posted 6/23/14 by Melanie

After spotting Oreo at one of the pet adoptions held in Hillsborough, my boyfriend and I quickly fell in love with the white and black mixed Shih Tzu. We spent two and a half hours with Oreo falling more in love with him and not wanting to leave him. Luckily, two weeks after meeting Oreo and what felt like a lifetime, we were able to bring him home. My family and I have never had a dog before so we never knew what we were missing out on until we brought Oreo home. He has filled a hole in our family that we never knew existed. And most importantly, he has taught us how to love in a way that we have never loved before. Now he likes to spend his days doing doggy yoga first thing in the morning when he wakes up, carrying his baby “Blue” toy around, and having his belly rubbed. My family and I are so blessed that Oreo chose us. Thank you Small Dog Rescue for trusting us with Oreo.

Niko - Posted 7/2/14 by Rachel &Matt

We brought Niko home with us the day after his 10th birthday. He was named Carmelo at the time because he was so quiet and mellow compared to the other dogs. He still loves lounging around and cuddling up with us on the couch, but still has quite a personality! He runs around and plays with us often! He is such a sweet dog and we couldn't be happier that we decided to bring him home with us. He is very healthy and happy! So are we! Thank you Small Dog Rescue! -Rachel and Matt

Chaos - Posted 7/29/14 by the Statler Family

​My family adopted Chaos 2 years ago from Woof Manor. He was the only large breed dog there. He was a little wild and we were nervous because we owned a dachshund. However Annie (dachshund) had grown up with our rottweiler max who passed away at age13. When we got Chaos home it was like he lived here his whole life. Such a sweet and loving boy. He an Annie are inseparable. We also got him a puppy rottie who adores Chaos. He has love from everyone. I have even had people ask me if they could have him. My answer is always no way!!!
Thank you to the good dr. And his wonderful staff for uniting us with chaos.

Jasonay - Posted11/2/15 by Small Dog Rescue

Jasonee, pronounced 'Jasonay' was found by the side of a freeway somewhere in NYC.  She came to us paralyzed and could not move her hind legs...there was no sign of injury, and a good deal of muscle wasting in her legs, so it was thought by the veterinarians and neurologists that it had been the result of an old injury. She was thought to be this way forever. But low and behold, she started standing up and even walking, sometimes as much as 50 feet. She was getting physiotherapy in our swimming pool which helped immensely too.Jasonnay now has a home in, of all places, Sweden...and she knows all her commands in Swedish now...hen tala svenska..she speaks Swedish. She was adopted by a visiting Swedish family at Princeton University, and they loved her very much and she did beautifully with them. . She and the family left for Sweden at the end of the summer when time came for them to return.... But we have an "international representative" now!