Small Dog Rescue, INC.

Why should you donate to Woof Manor?

Because a 14- year- old pampered Poodle has been dropped off at Woof Manor after her adored ‘mother ‘ died and nobody else wants that dog any more.

Because the old Pit Bull who never did anything wrong her whole life except stop having puppies, was scheduled for euthanasia at the local kill shelter and would not be saved from death by anyone else.

Because the Pennsylvania Puppy Mills – who keep their breeding dogs in wire rabbit cages for their entire lives – were told by the State that they could only have a certain amount of dogs or face monetary fines. The Puppy Mills called the rescues and said “if you want the dogs come and get them or they will be sold to medical research.”

Because on Christmas Eve, a puppy mill owner called the rescue and said – “if you want to save this dog, you better come now or I will shoot it.”

Because the little Basset mix can’t tell anyone his side of the story when he is deemed a ‘biter’ by the people who turn him in - not even looking back as they get in their car, as he stands there wagging his tail and watching them go.

Because the terrier was tied to a pole in a NYC park and left alone – he waited for his master to come back but he never did, but SDR did come to his rescue.

Because “we just don’t have time for the dog any more” they tell us when they drop off the American Eskimo dog that was a part of their family for 8 years. 

Small Dog Rescue does drive to Pennsylvania on Christmas Eve to save a dog. Small Dog Rescue does have time for a dog that is now longer wanted. Small Dog Rescue does care about the old, the unwanted, the sick and the dogs that have no voice. Do you?

Please contribute so these dogs can get a second chance at life. Please contribute so we know there are others who care.
Thank you.

Remeber, all donations are tax deductible.
We are always in need:

Beds and Pads
Cleaning Products
Dog Dishes (metal)
and volunteers - clerical, grooming
photography, writing, fundraising,etc.

Please send or bring your donations to:

Small Dog Rescue, INC.
943 Canal Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

"Woof Manor"
Small Dog Rescue, Inc.
943 Canal Road
Princeton N.J. 08540