Small Dog Rescue, INC.

Mission Statement

Small Dog Rescue was founded by Dr. Emmett Wilson in order to provide a sanctuary for small dogs. The organization was incorporated in 1998 and received a 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. 

The goal of the organization is to rescue and provide sanctuary and medical treatment for small dogs, primarily Lhasa apsos, shih tzus, poodles, bichons, cairns, Scotties, and Maltese, although we do not limit our work to any one breed. We began by rescuing dogs from shelters in the nearby area, but now we have become well known and shelters often refer to us the families or individuals who must give up a dog, as well as contact us when they are unable to place a dog through their own shelters. We always attempt to find homes for the adoptable dogs who come in, and have succeeded in finding homes for over 2400 dogs over the past twelve years of operation. We are averaging now about 200 canines a year who find new homes through our efforts.  

In addition we provide a home, a place of safety, medical care, and sanctuary for the dogs that are difficult to place: the old, the sick, the cranky. These become quasi-permanent residents. Even so, we have a fair adoption rate for these more difficult animals as well, for, without a clock running on us, we can wait for just the right family or person to come along for them. We are a no–kill sanctuary, and unadoptable dogs may remain here for their permanent home. We have both full and part–time staff, as well as many regular volunteers who help care for the dogs and provide grooming and companionship for them.

The population generally averages around 100 to 130 dogs in residence at any one time. The dogs receive the best of medical care, including specialty and referral veterinary services. We work closely with our veterinarians, and have regularly scheduled meetings to discuss any ongoing medical treatment or problems.

The dogs live in comfortable, clean surroundings. We have converted a hundred year old barn to a home for them, with heating and air conditioning. The dogs are not crated, but live in large, open rooms with furniture, beds, and pads. They have about four to five fenced–in acres of a country estate to roam around in. Many visitors have commented that we are the only facility they have ever seen where the dogs are truly happy.It is of course hideously expensive to provide such care and to maintain such a facility. We are deeply appreciative of any and all generosity shown in helping us save these wonderful dogs.


"Woof Manor"
Small Dog Rescue, Inc.
943 Canal Road
Princeton N.J. 08540