Small Dog Rescue, INC.

Just the Facts:
Small Dog Rescue was founded in 1998 by Dr. Emmett Wilson Jr. It is one of New Jersey's largest shelters and sanctuary for homeless dogs. Small Dog rescue accepts small dogs of all ages, conditions and needs. Over 120 dogs find loving, permanent homes every year. Many had faced imminent euthanasia and were saved by the intervention of the Small Dog Rescue which has a strict policy of allowing even the most difficult dogs to live out their lives in the comfort of a farm like setting. We have ample space in our sanctuary, so we almost always can take in a dog in need. The dogs are happy here, open and loose in large rooms in our kennel ( a converted barn with heating and A/C) and they have some 4 acres of fenced runs to romp around in.

Two of many examples: Teletubby, a delightful Skye Terrier, rescued from a kill shelter and brought to Small Dog Rescue, the only shelter that would take him at the time, and Cricket, a young Maltese, came to Small Dog Resue critically ill due to the neglect (a vet said that “his teeth would fall out anyway"). Both Teletubby and Cricket (now healthy) have been adopted and are in wonderful homes with loving families.

Prior to adoption, our dogs have been examined and treated as necessary by a veterinarian, spayed or neutered, and are up-to-date on all inoculations. Our adoption process includes a completion of a detailed application, an interview, a home visit, and reference check. Please note that these steps do not guarantee an adoption. If a match is made, the adoptive family then signs a meticulous contract. All these steps are to ensure the safety and well-being of the dog and its adoptive home.

Small Dog Rescue also welcomes dogs for temporary boarding during times of family crisis. 

Small Dog Rescue is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, so your donations are tax deductible. We DO NOT receive government funding and are dependent on donations.

Small Dog Rescue is a sanctuary for dogs. We do our best to place as many dogs possible in forever homes but we also keep the unwanted for as long as they live. These are the dogs deemed ‘unadoptable’ – the old, the chronically ill, the dogs called biters because of poorly administered ‘behavior tests’ or the word of someone who has grown tired of the dog and the work it takes to keep a dog. There is also the dog that never seems to get anyone’s attention – the shy dog, the dog with the white face, the dog with the funny fur, the dog that is just not ‘that cute.’ They can stay at SDR and not have their number come up before the right home turns up. These dogs have the luxury of time – time to find that person who will love them, feed them, pet them and hold them when it thunders.
Please tell your friends about us. We need contributions and support to keep our sanctuary going!

"Woof Manor"
Small Dog Rescue, Inc.
943 Canal Road
Princeton N.J. 08540
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Winter Weather Alert!
WIth another harsh winter expected this year Woofmanor (Small Dog Rescue of Princeton) is in great need of monetary donations to help with the cost of heating and plowing and building upkeep. Donations, big or small would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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